Ban On E-Cigarettes

Your company’s policy on e-cigarettes in the workplace will be completely up to the company unless state or federal law control.  For example, in Seattle, the state legislation banned e-cigarettes from the workplace so even if you were an employer and wanted to allow your employees to smoke – you can’t.  The Seattle state law would control and prohibit you from allowing your employees to smoke at work.

So to figure out what your company’s policy is on smoking e-cigarettes at work – first, check your company’s handbook.

In most cases, the company’s employee handbook will follow the state and federal laws in your state.  This is the best way for you to find out if you can smoke at work or not.

Slim E Cigs

If you are new to smoking electronic cigarettes but have been smoking regular cigarettes for a while now, and you want to continue smoking something that is just like what you been accustomed to then you need to look into the slim e cigs.

A slim e cig refers to a ecigarette that is thinner, shorter and weigh less than a regular ecig but that is what you totally need if you want to keep smoking something like a regular cigarette.

You see a typical ecig is so much bigger than a regular cigarette.

In this day where everyone wants long lasting batteries, manufacturers are force to build ecig that are longer and weight more than a regular cigarette.

Part of the beauty of smoking a real cigarette is that you can put it in your mouth and smoke it without the assistance of your hand if you want to do that.  Good luck doing that with a regular ecig.

So make sure you big a slim e cig so that you can continue smoking like you been doing all your life.

E Cig Batteries Manual

I know many of you have been asking around for instruction manuals for your e cig batteries but in most cases, when you buy your ecig, the manual that comes with it doesn’t talk much about your battery.


In fact, in most cases, the manual is not very detailed.  It will just basically tell you how to rechargeable your battery and how to tell when it is fully charged.  After that, it will tell you to screw the cartomizer or cartridge into your battery and that is basically it.

To be honest, its not hard to use these things so I guess that is why the instruction manual are so lite.

If you are looking for e cig batteries manual to figure out how to clean them we can help you with that.  Its not hard to do and will greatly benefit your ecig.

First, unscrew the battery from the cartomizer and then get some rubbing alcohol and a q tip.

Then hold the threaded end of your battery downward so that the end that normally lights up when you are smoking is pointed toward the sky.  Then drip the q tip into the rubbing alcohol lightly.  Try not to absorb too much rubbing alcohol and then use the q tip to clean the area inside the battery.

Remove all the dirty and debris you see on the battery.

The cleaner the battery, the better the contact between your battery and your cartridge and the better you e cigarette will smoke.


So if necessary, use a tooth pick if you need to remove hard to remove items on your battery.

Do this every two to three weeks and it will keep your e cigarette working like a charm.

Ecig Stores Online

Welcome to our blog designed to help people find stores online to buy ecigarettes across the world.  The primary purpose will be to talk about web stores online in the United States and then those in Europe.